The Path Of Least Resistance Is Through The Bills' Rush Defense

Photo: Adrian Kraus/AP
Photo: Adrian Kraus/AP

Drew Brees is getting up in years (he’s 38 now), and there are some doubts about how far he can carry the newly promising Saints. But as long as he’s playing the Bills, anything appears possible—even a touchdown scramble.


Well, that’s more of a slow-motion crawl than a scramble, but it served as a fitting finish to a 94-yard drive that consisted entirely of 10 run plays on a Bills defense that looks like it’s only fielding eight players. As of the start of the fourth, the Saints’ rushing attack is even outgaining the Saints’ passing, and Drew Brees has more touchdowns on the ground (one) than he does through the air.

Update (3:34 p.m. ET): The Saints didn’t stop on the next drive either, trusting all their running backs until a failed pass to Michael Thomas on fourth down. Before that play, they had called 24 straight rushes.