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Time to check in on the petition for the NFL to investigate the final 1:40 of Super Bowl XLII, as seen on Petition (and mentioned here on Saturday). Petitions on this site are usually pretty tepid, bewildering affairs: Take for example petition for the betterment of UNC football (26 signatures), or the petition for a 15th anniversary reunion for the Disney musical Newsies (170 signatures). But not so the Super Bowl petition, which has gained somewhat of a cult status with nearly 15,000 responses so far.

At first the petition drew notice from outraged Patriots fans who were sure that their team had been robbed due to some sort of timekeeping shenanigans. Then the comments quickly evolved into comedy gold as people signed in to mock the Pats fans. And then, predictably, came the boring Tom Brady is gay jokes and a bunch of racist and pornographic nonsense, as people who type with their knuckles got wind of it. But for the first 2,000 comments or so, it was pretty entertaining. Here's a sampling, with the serious comments listed first:

• That whole giants drive needs to be reviewed especially the deep throw to tyree our defense was clearly held by the jerseys and facemasks but not one of the penalties were called. — Charles Novak


• I don't know much about the rules of the NFL but as a Patriots fan if this is true I feel cheated. If this is true there should seriously be a replay of the last 1:40 of the Super Bowl. I didn't bet on it myself, but a lot of people lost or gained a lot of money on this game and the real outcome deserves to be known. — Eric Frenz

• Give the patriots their rightful win. — Meaghan O'Toole

• Only reviewing these rules is an understatement. Two players (Richard Seymour and Adalius Thomas) were also held on the 3rd and five play of the giants in the fourth quarter. This needs to be reviewed as well. — Tag Muggia

• I was at SB42 and watched the travesty of the biggest screwjob in history take place. Justice must prevail. — Colin McSorely

• I feast on your tears — your insipid, ignorant tears. — Cry More

• There must be an investigation—I kept track of the time using a metronome and a calorie counter, and there was definitely a discrepancy. I'm shocked no one has mentioned the late hit on Brady by the field judge! — Troy Tranes


• Hey guys, I just wanted to say that as the coach of the New England Patriots, I think that...whoops, one second left. Gotta run!!!! — Bill Belichick

• I'll be holding a press conference today to announce whether or not I am signing this petition. — Kevin Hart


• Guess what? Giesle and I got back together. — Leonardo DiCaprio

• I altered the deal Pats fans. Pray I don't alter it any further. — Darth Vader

• Anyone notice the way the light gleams off Brett Favre's helmet? — Joe Buck

• Don't just play the last 1:40 over. play until the Pats win, even if it's a bajillion years. I live vicariously through Tom Brady's accomplishments and I can't quit imagining him in his mansion, plowing Gisele, but with tears rolling down his cheeks. All because people are jealous of the Pats. — Shaun Patrick O'Toole Flannegan


• Don't hate on NY or my rooster will cut you. — Pedro Martinez

• Osi Umenyora took a dump on our hearts. :( — Dick Peters

• This petition makes the Super Bowl loss that much sweeter. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks for this. — The Nation

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