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The Person Most Troubled By Chris Cooley's Playbook Package? Mom, Of Course

It's a shame that we missed this earlier, but with the enormous amount of Chris Cooley dong-related news floating around out there the last couple weeks, some of it was carelessly overlooked. Including this interesting story from Monday, where the Washington Post's Mike Wise approached the Cooley family, er, member most affected by the the Redskins' tight end's loose noodle: Chris's mom. Nancy Cooley makes a point of commending how great of a person her son is how he's never smoked or used drugs (he does like the occasional Yuengling or rum drink, though) and was part of the National Honor Society in high school. She seems legitimately in awe of her own good fortune for having such a successful, down-to-earth, and genuinely decent human being as a son. Still, she can't hide her disappointment after last weekend's unfortunate unveiling:

"It's never a good day when you hear there's a picture of your son's penis on the Internet"


As a high school teacher in Norfolk, Nancy Cooley also had to confront the situation first hand with some of her students once Chris's peen hit the mainstream.:

"I saw your son's blog on the Internet," a couple of students told Miss C. "We're not going to talk about that," Nancy said. "It was an accident and I'm sorry. And that's it."

Poor lady. Cooley Knows Best: Cooley Was Simply Guilty Of An Innocent Mistake [WaPo]

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