The Photos Of Yankees GM Brian Cashman That Broke Up A Marriage

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No, there are no photos of Cashman's actual dong to show you—not that we know of—but now the story of Cash's dong's wayward habits is news. The Yankees general manager's relationship with the woman in these photos has been known or suspected among New York reporters for years, but has been just too darn shady, complicated, and expensive to pursue, especially at the risk of antagonizing the Yankees.

But now the pictures are out. When these photos were snapped by a private investigator, the woman in them was named Kimberley Brennan, and she was married to a man named Brian Brennan, who had hired the private investigator. The couple, who lived in Westchester, have since divorced, in no small part because of the photos.

You'll be making their acquaintance over the next few days.

The photos you see here aren't the originals, but rather photos of the photos. The originals are most likely only in the possession of Brian Brennan, who has vacillated between releasing them and staying quiet. He is a Yankees fan, after all, and so are his kids.


How did the story get out, then? We first caught wind of it in 2009, when we were contacted by a source who claimed that word of the Cashman affair was about to break, pending finalization of a deal for a book about famous people and the private investigators who trailed them. We spoke with the private investigator, Tony De Lorenzo, and he confirmed the story was being circulated. But the book deal fell apart, the PI clammed up, and the Cashman affair story never reached the mainstream press, though we're told a number of reporters around the Yankees knew of it. (When we contacted De Lorenzo two days ago, he had no comment, either.) A number of Brennan's friends had apparently taken it upon themselves to shop Brian's story to the New York Post and at least one other New York newspaper, a source tells us. They didn't find any takers. In August, we received the photos from a friend of Deadspin contributor Pete Nash, free of charge.

And so here we are. The long-upheld omerta around the Yankees brass is crumbling. Cashman declined to comment, too, as we noted yesterday. A team spokesman refused to comment when asked if Cashman was still married. "Brian Cashman has done a great job for us," the spokesman said, "and we want him to be with the Yankees for a long time."