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Sure, I took Serbian in high school — who didn't? — but it's really rusty. So let's leave it to AOL Fanhouse to translate the worst bit of this Darco Milicic tirade against the refs following Serbia's loss to Greece in the European championships. Fanhouse surmises that one of the lines is:

"I will find the referees, murder them and then [expletive] their daughters"

Just as Cary Grant would have put it. Some Serb speakers out there are starting to weigh in, and it seems the commenst are even worse than we thought. From the Detroit Free Press message board: "FYI 'Kurats' refers to the male appendage and the other affectionate word that he used about 100 hundred times is 'pichka' which refers to the female genitalia." reported that Darko was fined 10,000 Euros (about $13,000) for the tirade, and there are rumors that FIBA will suspend him. Darko: Charming in any language.


Darko's Venemous Tirade [AOL Fanhouse]

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