The Pirates Are Considering Adding The Sid Bream Nightmare To Fans' Daily Listening Experience

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Having to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates play baseball every night just isn't enough punishment, apparently. Now Pirates fans might get a nightly reminder of the one moment most of them can't bring themselves to discuss without staring off into the distance and cursing incoherently about somebody named Cabrera. That's because the team is considering having Sid Bream sit in as a panelist on their nightly postgame show. And check out how Bob Smizik chose to mention this in his dispatch about it on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's website. There are five other paragraphs about personnel changes at the Pirates' flagship station before Smizik gets around to saying this at the end:

Plans are not complete but it looks like Dan Zangrilli will handle the post-game show. Zangrilli, formerly the play-by-play announcer of the Altoona Curve, has done fill-in work for The Fan.

It will be a two-man show. Former major leaguers Sid Bream and Kevin Orie are said to be under consideration.

It's like Smizik—a semi-retired former columnist—had somewhere to be, so he hurriedly rewrote the press release, complete with Bream's name buried at the bottom, as though Bream were Jason Thompson or Mark Johnson or Kevin Young. Sid Bream's just a "former major leaguer" in Pittsburgh the way Joe Carter's a "former major leaguer" in Philly, or Bucky Dent's a "former major leaguer" in Boston. The difference is that Bream once played for the Pirates. Well, that and the Pirates have been basically playing their fans for the 20 years since this.


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