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Illustration for article titled ​The Pitt Panthers Are Desecrating The Game Of Football

The Pitt Panthers began playing football against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at 3:30 EST today, and by 4:00 EST, they were losing, 28-0. That does nothing to tell you just how rotten-anus awful that half hour of football has been.


Here's how the Pitt offense started the game:

  1. Four-yard run.
  2. Lost fumble.
  3. Lost fumble.
  4. Incomplete pass.
  5. Lost fumble.
  6. Pass competed, receiver loses fumble.

And then the Pitt offense settled down and ran six consecutive plays before losing another fumble.


Not to be outdone, here's how the Pitt defense started the game:

  1. Gave up 33-yard run.
  2. Gave up 6-yard run.
  3. Gave up 4-yard touchdown run.
  4. Gave up 3-yard run.
  5. Stopped run for 2-yard loss.
  6. Gave up 79-yard touchdown pass.
  7. Gave up 14-yard touchdown run.
  8. Gave up 34-yard touchdown run.

The first quarter has ended, and surely, things can't continue like this. Pitt is not great, but they are not this bad. If there's another quarter like this, some kind of welfare program is going to have to step in and tell Pitt that they can't have a football program anymore.

[Photo credit: AP]

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