The Players' Tribune—the number one sports website for boring, ghostwritten first person accounts from athletes—is having (or perhaps more accurately, had) Darnell Dockett tweet from their Twitter account today:

Part of The Players' Tribune's mission statement is to "present the unfiltered voices of professional athletes, bringing fans closer to the games they love than ever before." Considering that most of their articles haven't actually said anything, it was a rare chance for The Players' Tribune to actually present the unfiltered voice of professional athletes. And as they quickly found out, sometimes unfiltered voices clash with your hip, ad-friendly, Derek Jeter-associated brand:


The Tweet has since been deleted, so if I have this straight, most of the written pieces on The Players' Tribune are neutered past the point of lacking any insight—or they begin that way in the first place—and on the rare occasion when they actually presented an unfiltered voice, that voice said some shit they thought was so bad they deleted it, pretended it never happened, and apparently ended the Twitter takeover.

Yeah Jeets, sounds like you got something good here.

Photo via Ross D. Franklin/AP