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The Playoff Stress Has Really Taken A Toll On Stan Van Gundy

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The Magic coach's tendency for bug-eyed screams is a popular talking point pre-Finals and it turns out that Shaq's "master of panic" label wasn't that far from the truth. Stan Van admits he's often stricken with an awful case of the spazzies, but it's just because he always feels like his job is never,ever done. He's also trying to limit his Diet Pepsi intake to four cans per day, according to USA Today:

I'm just always worried. Making sure we're prepared for everything. You don't get any time to enjoy it or get any satisfaction out of it. When one game is over, you immediately move on to the next one.


Even if your self-induced angst has transformed you into Serena Williams. Hope it's worth it.


Good morning. It's Thursday. Throwback Philly.

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