The Post Drew Mark Sanchez As A Very Sad Clown

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Today's New York Post, as a whole, crystallizes the 2012 Jets. On the cover, Tebow and Sanchez are depicted as passengers in Rex Ryan's clown car. Sanchez looks especially despondent. But the paper's big season preview article predicts that the Jets will have a winning record and return to the postseason, despite their offense. This is astute, by the way: Football Outsiders ranks the Jets as the eighth-best team in the NFL.

Do you see what the Post did? It used a spectacle to draw readers in so that they would spend more time with the Jets, who are, underneath it all, a truly good team. It's the same thing the Jets are doing with Tebow and Rex's mouth. But on the eve of the season, the ostensibly superior national football media still sees only the sideshow. Their loss.