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The Poultry Is Up ... And It's Good!

Screw Barbaro. He may be a Kentucky Derby winner and have a knack for avoiding being glue, but can he kick a field goal with a chicken? Yes, you heard us right. When watching the video above, keep a close eye the hind leg of the horse, and of course the chicken who serves himself up with a determination of purpose that would make any San Diego Chargers fan sick with envy.

Or, as you may have heard it last weekend: "Here's the snap, and ... oh no! Tony Romo has fumbled the hen!"


Horse Kicks Chicken On Barn [Da Nerd]

(NOTE: This is technically a "half day" around Gawker Media, meaning that ordinarily we'd do half as many posts as usual. We're gonna go ahead and do a full days of posts, however. Thing is, though: Most of them will be videos, which take about half as much effort. So it's win-win! Enjoy the rest of the day!)

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