The Predators Just Earned Themselves A New Nickname

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In the finest tradition of the Atlanta Barves, Nashville's hockey team will henceforth be known by its new, self-bestowed typo nickname. Let us be among the first to say, "Go Perds!"

The Predators sent out a season-ticket holder email yesterday. There were a few typos, including the name of the street outside the arena. But the best was saved for last: the email closed with the exhortation "Go Perds!" Rarely have two transposed letters produced a more pleasingly hilarious syllable.


The Perds got the Olbermann treatment last night, and the Nashville Post took notice this morning.

Please let this take off. I want to see Perds banners hanging from the rafters of the Bridgestone Arena. I want to see free agents gushing about how excited they are to be part of the rich Perds tradition. I want to see Shea Weber go into the hall of fame as a Perd.


Go Perds.