The Profound Shittiness of ALS: Today's Guide to Ignoring the NFL

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This week the Washington Post's Rick Maese published a harrowing, fairly devastating account of the recent hardships of former NFL fullback Kevin Turner, a leading plaintiff in the NFL concussion lawsuit, who is locked in a desperate battle with late-stage ALS.

Among the excruciating details of Turner's daily struggle to survive—seriously, it's horrible; the poor guy's body is completely abandoning him—is the sobering statistic that NFL players are about four to eight times more likely to develop the neurodegenerative disease ALS (known as Lou Gehrig's disease) than members of the general public. ALS generally sets in between ages 50 and 60; Turner was diagnosed as a 41-year-old. His case is not unique among NFL players:

Former Ravens linebacker O.J. Brigance was 37 when he received the diagnosis. Former Raiders running back Steve Smith was 37. Ex-Saints safety Steve Gleason was 33. Former Vikings safety Orlando Thomas was 31. (He died last month at the age of 42.)

"Unfortunately, there will be more that come out in the next couple of years," Turner says. "I hope not, but I believe it will."


You should read the whole thing right away, but this passage in particular really drives home the profound shittiness of Turner's situation:

It's like ALS stole the levers that control everything above the waist — hands, arms, head — so Turner must rely on a communication system that is complex and constantly evolving. In addition to mouthing words, blinking eyes and tapping feet, Turner has a large posterboard with the alphabet spelled out. Someone holds it while he points to letters with his foot, spelling out his requests and needs.

Against one wall is a computer monitor, just a few sizes bigger than an iPad. The Tobii eye-tracker allows Turner to type, surf the Web, even check Facebook without using his hands. He instead focuses his eyes on the keyboard in front of him, moving his gaze from letter to letter, as the words slowly emerge.

"I'm a little slow right now," the machine's automated voice says.

In response to a question about how he's feeling, Turner's eyes and the computer's voice respond: "Hangin' in there like a hair in a biscuit."



This potential consequence of the game isn't very well understood and is pretty far removed from America's consciousness. Turner has offered his brain for study on the impact concussions may have had on the onset of ALS. Let's hope the guy has some happy times left before he makes that particular contribution.


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6 p.m. — NBA TV — NBA Basketball: Pistons @ Nets

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1:12 p.m. — TV Land — Roseanne

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4 p.m. — FXX — The Simpsons

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Noon — TNT — The Wizard of Oz

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12:15 p.m. — AMC — White Christmas

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1:30 p.m. — BBC America — Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

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5 p.m. — USA — Forrest Gump

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5:30 p.m. — FX — Looper

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6:30 p.m. — BBC America — Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

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7 p.m. — LOGO TV — Aliens


7 p.m. — VH-1 Classic — The Blues Brothers

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7:30 p.m. — abc Family — Home Alone

Home Alone is like two movies, crammed into one. The first is a totally likable story of an adorable little kid who sings to himself and is afraid of the furnace, trying to survive alone in a big house for a few days around Christmas. The second is a horrible mean-spirited pile of shit story in which all humans are awful, including a little kid who gives the pizza guy a 20 cent tip and then chases him off with the threat of violence before engaging in some kind of ugly home-defender's wet dream sequence. I'm pretty sure every kid who sees Home Alone is completely intolerable for the following 18 months.


8 p.m. — FX — Prometheus

Ha ha, science fiction nerds, Prometheus is awesome, and you only hate it because of your feeble imagination! I laugh at you! Ha ha!


9 p.m. — Spike — Training Day

It's a wildly uneven movie, but it has some seriously cool sequences, and hot damn is Denzel Washington spectacular.


9 p.m. — BBC America — Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

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Merry Christmas, jerks.