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The Punk, Crybaby, Diabetic Quarterback That Is Jay Cutler

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Chargers linebacker Matt Wilhelm is an authority on punks. (He played with Maurice Clarett at Ohio State, so his field credentials on the matter are solid).


So one should have taken notice Tuesday when Wilhelm appeared on a San Diego-based radio show, and was asked, matter-of-factly, about Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler. Speaking of the greatest diabetic hero since Wilford Brimley, Wilhelm said Cutler was, in fact, a punk. Among other things...

Wilhelm compared Philip Rivers and Jay Cutler, saying both were leaders and wanted to win badly.

"But Jay Cutler," Wilhelm said, "he and Tony Gonzalez are the biggest crybabies in the league."

I already knew the story, but I asked Wilhelm again about he, Shaun Phillips and Rivers taunting Cutler from the sideline in last year's Dec. 24 game against the Broncos.

"Jay Cutler, being the guy that he is, made some shrewd comments to SP and myself," Wilhelm recalled of the in-game dialogue. "Brandon Marshall was making comments throughout the game. All these comments are being made, and they're not making plays. Yet they're the ones going home, and we're preparing for our playoff game. It was essentially a wave to him good-bye and hopefully have a great offseason."


History could repeat itself when the Chargers and Broncos face off again in the Sunday night game. The winner clinches the AFC West. The loser goes home. And I hope that the loser is Jay Cutler. Nothing says "end-of-season collapse" like losing your division to Norv Turner. At least Turner's body can produce its own insulin.

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