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The Rams Can Cure What Ails Ya

The Steelers wouldn't actually blow this thing, would they? The team with the handsome coach and the gay mascot have looked awful the last few weeks, and now the Browns are threatening to pass them. But they wouldn't fall so far to lose to the Rams, right? Right?

The Steelers' quest to get back on track hits St. Louis tonight, and they should probably beware: The Rams haven't looked as awful lately. (Just in time to ruin their draft pick.)


This is another NFL Network game, so people are scrambling to figure out ways to watch it. (No NFL Network in Pittsburgh, though it will be on local stations.) Supposedly that NFL Live thing is online, but we remind you that it does not, in fact, show you the whole game, instead giving you "look-ins." Because that's what you want from a football game; those helpless moments of having no idea what's happening sporadically interrupted by two minutes of actions as you scramble to catch up.

Anyway, yeah, pre-Christmas football. Big Ben goes well with the nog.

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