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When there's a commercial break — yes, the NHL has sponsors! Pipe down, you! — the New York Rangers Islanders have Ice Girls clean up loose ice around the goal. They're young and cute and the fans like them, because fans like young and cute girls who are on ice.

You know who doesn't like them, though? Goaltenders.

Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist declined to move and used his stick to whack the squeegee Kelli Higgins, 23, was using to push the snow into a pile during the first TV timeout, knocking the butt end of the squeegee stick into her stomach. "I said 'Excuse me' maybe two or three times," Higgins said. "He didn't move and didn't say anything, so I gave up and went around him. The tip of my squeegee kind of hit the tip of his stick. I don't know if he thought I did that on purpose or whatever, but he took a big windup and slashed the squeegee pretty good. It startled me a little bit. It didn't feel great, but I wouldn't say I was injured or in a ton of pain. I was shocked."


And then it got worse:

The Ice Girls alternate jobs, and Chanel Benson, 19, had the squeegee during the second TV timeout. This time, a linesman told her to clean around Lundqvist, 24, but not in the crease or the net. As she was leaving the ice, Benson skated near the boards in front of both benches, which are separated only by a panel of glass located at the center red line. "All of a sudden, my back got wet," said Benson, who was wearing a standard outfit of pants and top that leaves the midriff area exposed. "I believe one of the Rangers players who was sitting along the wall spit on my back. It had to be on purpose because I wasn't directly in front of anyone to spit and not realize I was there."

You know, you have to be rather fired up and grouchy to spit on an Ice Girl. We mean, come on now.

Ice Girls Want Rangers Called For Slashing, Spitting [Newsday]

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