Who will stand up and protect Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens QB? Eh, probably no one. We're six days away from the Ravens' opener—Monday night at Cincinnati—and they might be dumping starting left tackle Bryant McKinnie because they're upset about how much they're paying him.

Baltimore owes McKinnie a $3.2 million base salary, and, yes, that's a lot to pay for a fat, washed-up, onetime sex boater. But they gave him that contract only a year ago, and they went through camp with him as the starting left tackle. They even planned to send half of the cash he'd make this year to a persistent, angry creditor.

So they're getting cold feet only now, and they're dealing with it in a peculiar fashion. McKinnie said goodbye on Twitter earlier today, and the Ravens amplified him:

But then they retweeted the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson saying this:


So he's off the team, right? And the Ravens are just using other reporters' announcements to make that clear? Think again!


So: the Ravens used passive-aggressive retweeting to wheedle possible contract concessions out of their starting left tackle six days before their opener. The future ought to scare us all.