For various obvious reasons, the Ravens would be wise to highlight basically any player other than Ray Rice right now. Focusing on C.J. Mosley, Torrey Smith, or even Joe Flacco would be a good idea. The team site, however, is not pursuing this strategy.

One of the featured stories on the main page of the team's official site currently describes how Ravens fans gave Rice a standing ovation at training camp practice yesterday in M&T Bank Stadium. There's video, too! Great. The lede:

Ray Rice pounded his chest twice and pointed up to the crowd. It was clear this moment meant a lot to him.

Rice has been in the court of public opinion, but he had yet to be out in public.


OK, that's enough of that.

The story was also shared on Facebook:


Coming after... whatever this is, it by now feels like they're rubbing our noses in it.