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The Real Randy Moss — MOSSMASK!

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That, friends, is exactly what you think it is: an official Randy Moss collectible mask, ready to be delivered just in time for Halloween. It's the signature item of Randy's newly launched official Web site, which promises the "real" Randy Moss. You can join Randy's V.I.P. club — which, unlike The Mario Lopez Network, doesn't cost you $30 a year to join (yet) — get Moss updates on your cell phone and get a "message from Randy," a message that looks suspiciously like his Raiders team bio.


But it's really all about that mask, isn't it? Randy drops some knowledge:

You know last year I tried to get my teammates fired up with my time-to-go-to-war 'fro. Lots of fans made comments and asked when I would wear it again. So I thought of an easy way for my fans to get "the look" with my new MOSSMASK.

You realize, of course, that in Vikings coach Mike Tice's nightmares, everyone's wearing this mask, his wife, his players, all the people in the stands, his dog.

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