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The Real Reason For Manny's Trade Demand

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We've heard all the rumors too, and Red Sox blogger Sheriff Sully finally puts the cards on the table: One of the main reasons Manny Ramirez is seeking a trade from the Red Sox, say the rumors, because his wife wants him out of Boston because of "temptations of infidelity." Says the Sheriff Sully report:

I ve been telling friends the last few weeks that every media member in New England has this story but for whatever reason, no one was running it. ... Last season, Ramirez supposedly cheated on his wife of nearly three years and feeling guilty, told her. ...

Without getting into specifics, supposedly, Mrs. Ramirez feels that her husband would be less likely to stray outside of Boston and thus, her demand.


This rumor has been going around for weeks, though we were never able to nail it down either. Though, all told, it's a little disappointing to see Manny go the Doug Christie route. But hey, there are no groupies anywhere other than Boston. So this tactic will totally work, and will be totally worth it.

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