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Everyone's talking about curses of the Black Sox and how much White Sox fans have suffered, but MSNBC's Bob Cook points out that the true source of the team's problems is not the past, but the owner Jerry Reinsdorf:

After the 1981 season, the Sox owners decided to yank their games off of WGN-TV available over-the-air locally and on cable systems throughout the country in favor of putting them on a pay-TV network. Because of that decision, announcer Harry Caray jumped across town to the Cubs, which he single-handedly turned into Chicago s baseball darling thanks to his ebullient, tipsy charm blasted across the nation s TV screens. There s a reason the Cubs built a statue of Caray outside Wrigley Field.


And that's just the start of it. Remember, this is the guy who many say was the person MOST responsible for the strike of 1994 (a year the White Sox had a chance to reach the series, actually). And that's not to mention his battles with Michael Jordan with the Bulls. Maybe he's mellowed as he's gotten older. That still doesn't make it fun to root for him.

Black Sox Not Source Of White Sox Pain [MSNBC]

(Update: A pro-Reinsdorf reader sends in this retort.)

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