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The REAL Reason Theo's Gone

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That guy right there isn't just Boston Globe columnist Dan Shaughnessy, strikingly handsome man; he's also Dan Shaughnessy, Most Hated Man In Boston. As if Shaughnessy hadn't caused Bostonians enough pain throughout the years with his Curse business, he might very well be the man most responsible for the departure of the one man who brought a World Series title to Boston.


From many accounts, Epstein was close to saddling back up with the BoSox until Shaughnessy wrote Sunday's column that basically implied Epstein was an ingrate who upset his "mentors". From Boston blog Sheriff Sully, via Baseball Musings:

Only one man on this planet could ve given Shaughnessy the information he had. The way in which Shaughnessy presented it was nothing short of sickening. He defended the Sox and [Sox president Larry] Lucchino no less than a dozen times. Bob Ryan would ve resigned before writing that bogus crap and the Globe knows that. However, Lucchino more than likely didn t even bother going through channels and just called Shaughnessy himself.

The Sheriff — who says the affair has "all but ended my lifelong love affair with the Boston Red Sox" — is hardly alone. The Boston Herald — which kicked the Globe's ass on this story repeatedly — quoted sources saying, "A leading contributing factor, according to sources close to the situation, was a column in Sunday s Boston Globe in which too much inside information about the relationship between Epstein and his mentor, team president and CEO Larry Lucchino, was revealed — in a manner slanted too much in Lucchino s favor." Some samplings from Sons Of Sam Horn show just how pissed Sox fans are:

"F'in CHB angling for a new curse book, I'm betting. I'm vomitting."

"I seriously want a retraction, explanation and apology from Dan Curly-Q. I mean, I was his last defender. He may now have played a hand in the set-back of this organization. Should he sell another book profiting off this mess (or others) he should and will burn in hell. Next to Larry Lucchino."

"CHB, from a March interview:
RSN: So, you feel that the story is more important than the team as far as being a writer goes?
DS: Absolutely. Always root for the story! That is what it is all about.
Not that I'll read it, but he's got one now."

To use the words of a Deadspin reader, "I mean, shouldn't fans be at the doors of the Globe this morning with torches and pitchforks?"


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(By the way, "CHB" is short for "Curly Haired Boyfriend," a term Carl Everett once used to describe Shaughnessy. For much more on this story than we can provide, we highly encourage you to check out Boston Sports Media and Dan Shaughnessy Watch.)