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Illustration for article titled The Record For Worst Televised Bowling Ever Was Set Yesterday

In the semifinals of the Professional Bowlers Association Tournament of Champions in Vegas on Saturday, Tom Daugherty needed every ball at his disposal to reach 100 in his televised-bowling debut. His foe, Mika Koivuniemi, needed them to reach 299.

Daugherty's performance was the lowest nationally televised score in PBA history. Per FoxSports, he left seven splits to supplant Steve Jaros in the record book. Jaros bowled a 129 in 1992.


There's entertaining (but, sorry, unembeddable) video of said battle over at

Public shame was worth $50K to Daugherty.

"Major Mika" Koivuniemi Wins PBA Tournament of Champions, Record $250,000 First Prize [PBA]

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