As much as Red Sox fans were talking about Indians closer Joe Borowski, how he was obviously going to blow any lead handed to him, he is still a Major League Baseball pitcher. Pretty much every pitcher in baseball is going to throw more innings in which he gives up no runs, than he will in which he gives up multiple ones. We are not blowing your minds here with math, are we?

It's also clear at this point that Daisuke Matsuzaka hasn't quite earned his Red Sox Nation badge yet or, for that matter, the $102 million it cost to get him. He wasn't horrible last night, but he didn't resemble any kind of stopper either. The Indians, if you East Coasters can believe it, are an outstanding team, and they can take this series by the throat if they can win tonight. (Or if it doesn't rain.) If Boston doesn't win tonight, they're looking at Cleveland's top two pitchers, both fully rested. Ask the Yankees how easy it is to knock around Paul Byrd. This could get worse before it gets better.

First Timers [Fair And Foul]

(Oh, and we rewrote that first sentence. Sorry. That was gnarly. Late night.)