The Red Sox Pull Off Trade For John Farrell, Will Get "Marginal" Piece Not Named John Farrell In Return

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John Farrell will be managing the Boston Red Sox next year and Mike Aviles (reportedly) will be an infielder for the Toronto Blue Jays. The decision to trade an actual professional athlete for a guy whose primary responsibility is to put professional athletes in a certain order for hitting purposes and then watch those athletes play baseball is—let's call it debatable, but there must be balance in the universe and The Nation.

The yin to the Gonzalez-Crawford-Beckett deal's yang was first reported last night and ends a courtship that lasted two seasons before the Red Sox settled for a guy they couldn't wait to replace because Toronto insanely wanted Clay Buchholz for Farrell the first time around.


The Sox and Jays have yet to announce compensation for Farrell, though a source confirmed Boston will send infielder Mike Aviles to Toronto to complete the deal. was first to report Aviles going to the Jays.

Also, as mandated by baseball rules, the Sox will get a player in return from Toronto, making the transaction an official deal. (MLB prohibits the trading of players for non-players.) Whomever the Sox get from the Jays is expected to be marginal.


A hitting coach, perhaps?

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