Okay, which one of you smart-alecks told me that the Jaguars had a good defense? Because then I went and told everybody, including my local priest, and now I just look foolish. Most of the touchdowns were scored by one of many Reggies (Bush has two for the Saints, and Williams caught an 80-yard pass for the Jaguars). Maurice Jones-Drew also has a kickoff-return-for-touchdown. Saints 24, Jaguars 17

The passing numbers for David Carr and Vince Young are very similar. Proceed as normal. Titans 13, Panthers 0

Detroit aims to go 2-0 against the AFC, and it looks like that will happen. As for the Broncos ... hey look. Patrick Ramsey. How about that. Lions 16, Broncos 0

Green Bay's monstrous 6-0 lead was blown in the final seconds of the first half, when fantasy player angerer Larry Johnson scored. Chiefs 7, Packers 6

Say goodbye to that winning record, Washington. Mark Mangino and Kellen Clemens found a way to score points in the first half.Jets 17, Redskins 9


There's Nothing Funny To Say About Any Of These Games
Buccaneers 10, Cardinals 3
Falcons 14, 49ers 7
Chargers 7, Vikings 7
Bengals 14, Bills 13