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The Rickey Henderson Lovebirds Explain Themselves

Remember when you all made your jokey jokes at the expense of the couple, united by the majesty that is Rickey, who flew to Cooperstown for his induction? Well, they read Deadspin. Don't you feel bad now?

Elise Saltzberg sent us a nice note, going into more detail on Yente Henderson's role in her wedded bliss.


I met my future husband, David, in March 1988, just before Opening Day of baseball season. At that first meeting, we got into an argument about whether Rickey Henderson was the best active player in baseball. David said he wasn't. I said he was. I gave my reasons. Even though David didn't agree, he liked my thinking and appreciated my knowledge of baseball. He decided I had some potential, and based on that discussion, he called me and asked me out. We spent the next year dating, including attending many baseball games. When we got engaged, I made David promise that when Rickey Henderson got inducted into the Hall of Fame, we would go to Cooperstown for the ceremony. He promised. Flash forward to January 2009 and it is announced that Rickey Henderson has been nominated to the Hall of Fame. I immediately made hotel reservations. Rickey got in easily on his first ballot nomination, of course, and so we went to the induction ceremony. That's where this picture was taken by a Reuters news photographer.

Cute story, and arguing over Rickey's greatness sure beats trying to explain to your girlfriend why errors don't count as hits, and her countering with "maybe the batter did it on purpose and meant for the fielder to drop it."

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