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The Russian Olympic Sanctions Are A Hilarious Shitshow Of Hypocrisy

Earlier this week the IOC banned Russia from the 2018 Olympics, but only in symbolism. The athletes will still be able to compete, only they’ll essentially be private label athletes who represent the Olympic Ideal instead of the world’s No. 1 kleptocracy (with America fast closing in!). And while Russia’s ghoulishly intricate doping system warranted some kind of punishment, it’s highly amusing that such moral judgements would be handed down by the IOC, of all people. Was this the right punishment? Can there even BE a right punishment given how scummy every ranking official involved is? That, amigos, is the subject of this week’s Deadcast.

Oh! Oh! But wait! Dare I say there’s MORE?! I dare. Marchman fell down a manhole this week, so guest host David Roth joins me to talk about replacing Ben McAdoo (HARBS!), LaVar Ball, bro-hug failures, and we answer YOUR questions about sports rumors, Trump holidays, crazy menu item names, and more!


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