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The Scab Who Blew The Seattle Touchdown Call Now Wants To Get Paid For Interviews

You remember Lance Easley, yes? Side judge who signaled "touchdown, Seattle," overruling his colleague and singlehandedly becoming the biggest reason the lockout ended when it did. It's not often someone gets famous for being bad at his job, but if Lance Easley is going to be bad at his job, he might as well try to make some money off it.

(Lest you forget: Easley's experience consists of four total years of officiating—nothing higher than D-III. At a ref clinic this summer, he was told in no uncertain terms that he doesn't have what it takes to work D-I football. A month later he was in the NFL. A day after blowing the call and the game in Seattle, he was partying it up with Packers fans at a Fresno bar.)


Time's Sean Gregory has been on the scab beat, today publishing a Q&A with Jerry Frump, another replacement official. Apparently, he's also reached out to Easley—and didn't get to speak with him, because this:

Here is our advice to Lance Easley, and he can have this for free! Go away. If you want to talk about what happened on Monday, by all means. But you are not the story, the call is. Nobody cares about you. You are not worth our time or money. Go back to your day job, which is ... a VP at Bank of America. Christ, you asshole.

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