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Gary Garland at the unimpressively designed but otherwise thoroughly excellent Japan Baseball Daily writes in to give us the scoop on Ichiro Suzuki's cameo appearance as a murderer on a Japanese crime mystery program, as documented yesterday. (He even provided us the above picture.)

First of all, the show is called, "Furuhata Ninzaburo Final" and it aired on Fuji-tv. Ichiro reportedly had quite a few lines and is said to have executed them perfectly after showing up two hours before his parts were scheduled to be shot. "He came up big for us," said the show's producer.

Typically, celebrity guests are given parts where they play criminal perpetrators in the detective series, which has been running on and off since 1994. Ichiro is reported to be a fan of it. The series stars actor Masakazu Tamura in the role of Furuhata.

By the way, the guy on your site who made the remark about Ichiro killing a guy by slapping him 262 timesā€”-freaking priceless. I'll be snickering about that one for a while.

We love, by the way, the way he's looking at that aluminum bat. Ichiro Smash!

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