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The Second Weird Baseball Injury Of 2013: Red Sox Prospect Bryce Brentz Shot Himself In The Leg

How hard are guns to clean, really? "Man shot in leg while cleaning gun," "Man shoots self while cleaning gun," "SAPD: Man shoots self while cleaning gun," "Florida Man Shoots Himself In Crotch With Flare Gun." (The guy with the flare gun wasn't cleaning it—but the story does note that this September "in Port. St. Lucie, Florida, a man shot himself in the penis while cleaning a gun he had purchased at a party.") Most of those incidents happened in the last week, and the results don't even include people that were too embarrassed to let the media get ahold of the story.

Such as Red Sox prospect Bryce Brentz, who apparently shot himself in the leg some time ago:


The Boston Herald says that Cherington told the media the "bullet entered Brentz' leg and went out the other side," which is disgusting. Maybe just let the guns get dirty from now on.


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