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The Severe Beating of the Dallas Cowboys

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The Redskins are beating the Cowboys in just about every possible way that a team can be beaten. You have to wonder how all of our lives would be different if more of the original cowboy vs. Native American matchups had gone this way in the early history of our nation.

Their offensive line is being handled, and their defensive line is being handled. The Redskins have done pretty much whatever they wanted. Mark Brunell has 4 TD passes, and just plain Clinton Portis has over 100 yards on the ground. It looks like the Redskins are prepared for everything the Cowboys planned to do on both sides of the ball.


I hope this doesn't spell the end of the Clinton Portis costumes on Thursday media outings. Clinton's a pretty superstitious guy, and things went well for him as just plain Clinton Portis. I'm almost rooting for him to twist an ankle or do something minor so he doesn't get the idea that not dressing up in an absurd costume is a good idea.

Jason Witten just scored, Cowboys still trail 35-7.

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