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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Your ears did not deceive you. That was a very vocal slice of 70,000 suffering 49ers fans chanting "We Want Carr." As in David Carr. This David Carr. Poor bastards.

Alex Smith and his tiny, tiny hands stunk up the joint last night so badly that fans begged for a savior to save them from their misery, even if that savior has sewn nothing but misery wherever he's gone. It's a testament to the failure of the Alex Smith experiment that he actually had a decent game statistically, but inspired zero confidence among the faithful.


This hasn't exactly sparked a panic in the front office. The team is sticking with Singletary. Singletary is sticking with Smith. Jed York says they're going to win the division.

And what else can they do? Heed these words: David Carr is never the answer. If the question is "who should relieve Alex Smith?" the correct answer is Troy Smith. If the question is "who was the best QB out of Fresno State?" the correct answer is Trent Dilfer. Hell, if the question is "who was the first pick in the 2002 NFL Draft?" the correct answer is "I don't remember."

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