Mr. Balk mentioned this yesterday, but we'll never stop having fun with The Smoking Gun's copy of Harold Reynolds' suit against ESPN. For a document put together simply to defend Reynolds' high moral character, it's full of juicy details. Some highlights:


• Reynolds was making $1 million a year from the network. Jemele Hill, fire your agent!
• The letter Reynolds received about his firing gave no reasons for the termination.
• ESPN has yet to give Reynolds a copy of his personnel file even though Connecticut law requires them to.
• The infamous "hug" was not at the Outback Steakhouse or a Boston Market; in fact, it happened earlier in the day, and Reynolds and the huggee — hugged? — went to Boston Market that evening together.
• Reynolds is seeking "at least $5 million."

This is going to get ugly, and, obviously, we can't wait.

Announcer Sues ESPN Over "Hug" Firing [The Smoking Gun]