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The Skins Heard You Love Rob Ryan So They Put A Rob Ryan In Your Rob Ryan

Earlier today, Washington’s football team named Rob Ryan its inside linebackers coach. Linebacking is a skill that cannot be coached by just one man! They announced the hiring of the longtime NFL defensive coordinator with a press release and a tweet. The latter is what I’m interested in here.


At first I just thought there was nothing particularly notable about it, except the usual pleasure that comes from remembering one of the rowdy Ryan Boys. But then I noticed the bottom left corner. What??

For a moment, I thought Rob Ryan was wearing a shirt with his own face on it. That would be a little weird, but also … kind of cool? It turns out, though, that this is part of the graphic. It’s actually house style for Washington’s football team.


The only difference is that Ryan is already wearing burgundy, so the graphic makes it look like he’s wearing a photo of himself on a shirt. It’s great! Kudos to the design team down in Ashburn.


Also, sometimes Washington just forgets to do the little corner head graphic thing.


Or maybe the team didn’t do it because the Angelichio photo is already a headshot. The mystery continues, in some way.

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