Another day, and another day of great basketball lies waiting. Villanova has moved on to the Sweet 16 by way of an 84-72 win against Siena. There are now four games underway, so continue after the jump for your live update needs. I'm watching Georgetown/Davidson, but I've also been keeping track of everything else on the laptop. Now can somebody just get me a Jones FUCKIN' Soda already?

-Texas scored at will on Miami during the first half and they've built a 43-32 lead at the break.

-Western Kentucky and San Diego are battling it out for the right to be called a girl's name from a fairy tale. The big red furry mascot ones are winning, and creeping me right the fuck out.

-Butler is playing Tennessee tough in what's been the best game thus far. The Vols hold a 33-31 lead with just seconds remaining in the half.

-My hometown Hoyas can't beat Pitt, but now they don't have to worry about that (dagger). They're taking on Davidson in the match-up of NBA sons. It's Dell Curry's kid against Patrick Ewing and Doc Rivers' kids. I bet Roy Hibbert's dad runs a family medical practice that's filled with his infectious laughter.


-Texas and Miami are back on the court and nothing looks to be changing.

-Western Kentucky's lead is up to six, but this looks like it's going to be a shootout.

-Stephen Curry is going to need some second half heroics again. With 4 minutes left in the first he has as many fouls as points with 2.


-Georgetown and Western Kentucky are b othing going into the locker room with double digit leads. Meanwhile Texas is cruising behind 20 points from Abrams and 8 assists from Augustin.

-Miami made a nice comeback, but it was not nearly enough to overcome Texas. The Longhorns are now the 9th member of the Sweet 16.

-Georgetown and WKU have both maintained their leads, but Curry finally made a big shot for Davidson. The 3 brings them to within 12 of Georgetown with a free throw coming. 14:24 left to play.


-Butler is certainly keeping things interesting in their 7/2 tilt with Tennessee. Just under 8 minutes remain and Butler has pulled to within 4 on a 3 pointer from Betko.

-Uhoh, Miami came back?! 11.9 left and they're down just 3. Timeout Texas.

-Miami waited a bit too long to start burying shots. Another late 3, but this one is too late.


-Georgetown by 11 and WKU by 10.

-And it's all over for the Hurricanes. At least they didn't look completely ridiculous in their uniforms.

-Davidson has played themselves back into the game and Georgetown has played themselves into foul trouble. Hibbert has 4 and Ewing has 3, meanwhile Curry just hit another big 2 to bring Davidson within 4. Could the Jesuits possibly lose on Easter?