The Soulful Paintings Of Brittney Palmer, UFC Octagon Girl

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This little lady is Brittney Palmer. She's the UFC's new octagon girl. Her job is to flounce about a cage in a bathing suit while intoxicated meatheads shower her with lustful stares and wolf whistles. It's a helluva job, and Palmer does it well. But she's much more than her profession! She's also an artist who has enrolled in an undisclosed art school in Southern California.

Palmer has several of her paintings on her website. A cursory analysis of her work reveals that she is firmly ensconced in the broader genre of contemporary pop art, although more specific elements of Stuckism and altermodern can be detected in her paintings, many of which modify or mash-up previously existing art that accompanied the albums of popular rock musicians.


Much of the "touchstone" imagery Palmer uses as inspiration was deemed bold and anti-establishment when it was created, often during periods of significant historical change. As American society reshaped itself amid the tumult of the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War, however, these rebellious images were eventually embraced and, indeed, transmuted into cultural iconography for the mainstream. By modifying this iconography in her paintings, Palmer not only challenges the current hegemonic class with its own dated symbols of resistance but also attacks the cultural engine that manufactured the original imagery. Her artwork is a celebration of the rejection of conceptualism and commercialism.

Also, she is an octagon girl.