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The Story Of The Lucky Garbageman

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We know we're getting a little soccer-heavy on you today, but bear with us: This is a good story.

Remember that FIFA World Cup draw from last week? Well, turns out, the janitor who cleaned up the place after the draw was over picked up the little slips of paper with each country's name on them and is now selling them on eBay. (Seriously, if you can speak German, you can buy them right here. They're bidding up kinda high, actually.)


FIFA, just to be pissy, is threatening to sue the man for the auction, which ends on Dec. 25, or, if you're not part of the war on Christmas, is otherwise known as "Christmas." We bet David Stern keeps a close eye on those draft lottery ping-pong balls this year.

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World Cup Draw 2006 [eBay]

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