The Summer That Didn't Quite Last Forever

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Walter E. Smithe is a Chicago furniture store whose management figured that they'd cash in big when the Cubs finally broke 100 years of frustration with a World Series championship. So sure were they that this was the year, actually, that they produced a commercial, complete with former Cubs greats frolicking at Wrigley Field. Needless to say, it never saw the light of day. Until now, that is. Take a gander, following the jump.

You can just see it in that one part where they close in on Ernie Banks, and he's thinking: "No way this thing ever airs." OK, last call for Cubs bashing, folks. The NLCS has begun, and it's time to move on. So if you've got any pithy Cubs stories or videos, send 'em in now, because we're not going to be flogging this dead goat after today. Unless, you know, it's really funny. Walter E Smithe Jumps The Gun With The Cubs [Chicagoist]