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The Tampa Bay Rays Are Still Adjusting To Success

The Rays have been a remarkable story all year and are headed to their first playoff appearance in the short history of the franchise, but they are still adjusting to the center stage of Octoberdom. The biggest stumbling block for them right now? They can't think of anyone to throw out the first pitch for their first home playoff game. The Washington Post (via Sports By Brooks) interviewed the Rays' shell-shocked president Matt Silverman , who amusingly relayed the team's quandary: "MLB asked us who it'd be. We realized nobody in the history of the franchise had done anything to be worthy of the honor." Suggestions so far have been Dick Vitale, Gen. David Petraeus or Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger. How about Victor Zambrano? I'd say his contribution to the team's success is pretty significant. A Heck Of A Story [Washington Post] Rays Don't Know Who To Get For First Playoff Pitch [SBB]


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