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The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review is running a spring training journal by Pirates' pitcher Zach Duke, but it's not your typical "Today they served lasagna for our post-game meal" type of offering. Oh, no. Zach is, as your kid's first grade teacher would say, "A very interesting child." Excerpts from his latest entry (found via Honest Wagner):

"There are some strange things that pop into your head when you are on the mound. For no reason, really — that's the weird part. You name it, I've thought of it: Fishing, roller coasters — I've thought about all kinds of stuff. I've though about Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. The Judge Roy Scream coaster — I was, like, 'Why am I thinking about this?' It's just something that pops into my head for no reason."

"One thing to do on the mound is to play with the resin bag ... and it takes years of practice to get it right. The trick with the bounce is having a lifetime of practice. There's definitely an art form to it, though. Some people can do some strange things with the resin bag; I can't. What I mean is: I'm not really worried about impressing people with my resin bag skills. Even if I had them, which I don't, it's not in my nature to show off. Some guys, though, they can do so many things, they're sick. Not me. Again, it's all about keeping my hand dry. I'd rub it in the dirt if I had to. In fact, I have. The resin bag just looks cooler, but dirt works pretty well."

Oh, and also, apparently he paints. Yes, we have a feeling we'll be writing about Zach Duke again soon.

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