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The Tigers Gave Up The Absolute Worst Dinger You Can Even Imagine

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I want to show you just the worst dinger you are likely to see in this or any other year. It happened in the first inning of today’s Tigers-Indians game. Are you ready? I mean I really want you to get ready for this one. Here goes:


That is Jose Ramirez of the Cleveland Indians, smoking a ball deep into left field. But not deep enough! The ball bounces off the top of the wall twice before tumbling back towards the field of play. The gods themselves delivered this smash back to the Tigers, so that they could keep the run off the board.

That is, until Tigers outfielder Mikie Mahtook reached up with his bare hand and slapped the ball over the wall, like the game was goddamn volleyball. What in the damn hell is going on in the world today.

Update: It happened again! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. HOW.


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