Last week, Mr. Craggs dared to express concern about the upcoming Tebow FOTF commercial. He got some mail. Here's a smattering of screeching protest, strident opinions and ridiculous insults about his post on Super Bowl XLI's most talked about ad.



The Calm

* Dear Tommy,

It will be a great ad. Relax and enjoy it. Why are you getting so upset? It will be a nice change from some of those ads.
Go Tebow.


sincerely, kathleen

* Mr. Craggs,

Your "Tim Tebow commercial" deadspin post is still asking the wrong questions. The intention of the commercial is not to convince people who are in danger from complications with pregnancy to not get abortions. The obvious intention of the commercial is to get people to think twice about aborting or not because having a child can be a great thing and a blessing to the parents. This is obvious when you have such a successful son like Tebow. So honestly, I hope you are smarter than you appear in this article and you are just making it a joke by trying to take it so literally. You don't have to be a Christian or practice any religion to have enjoyments in your life like that from a child.



* So what you're saying is that you don't believe in the 1st Amendment or capitalism. Or, you think that Pro-Life groups do not have a voice in this culture and that CBS can only air pro-choice ads in order to make money on Super Bowl Sunday, correct?

So do you have this same outrage when liberals attempt to indoctrinate through the use of film and television? Of course not.


Face it, you are scared of the truth. If Tebow and other Pro Life groups are just a bunch of quacks then you have nothing to be afraid of. Because if that's the case then people who see the commercial will just shake their head, see how irrational these people are and dismiss these people as idiots that just wasted millions of dollars while all of you Choice Americans could simply leave the room and get a beer out of the fridge.

* I'm a pretty open person. I read your "words" on the Tebow situation. I try not to discuss the abortion issue, even as a catholic, but after reading comments like the one below you have to understand why people are coming out against your brand of vitriol. It's not accurate, it's not funny, it's not valid. What it is, is sick.

"But the Tebows' message should be called for what it is, and what it is is outright quackery that doesn't differ appreciably from my going on television with a toy stethoscope and urging America to start treating itself with leeches."


sorry for you.

* Dear Mr. Craggs,
I love Deadspin and I am an avid reader of the site. I just read your post on Tebow, and I must say I'm a little surprised. I am a pro-life supporter, and a born again Christian, so feel free to disregard my opinion as biased and uninformed, however, the fact that this 30 second spot is recieving so much attention boggles my mind. We haven't seen the ad yet, which is part of the reason I find all of this debate ridiculous, but the big problem I have is this: Is the ad going to be graphic? I sincerely doubt it. Does anyone say that abortion should or shouldn't be legal? I doubt that as well. Are we being told anything that is untrue? By all accounts, no. I honestly don't see the issue here. Abortion might be a sensative issue, but a majority of Pro-life supporters, myself included, recognize that legal reform is never going to happen, so that's ridiculous. And, as far as encouraging women not to follow their doctor's orders? It would have to be a heck of an ad to make that happen. What's Tebow supposed to do? Not talk about how blessed he's been in his life? Saying this is a ploy seems overly harsh, especially since its one ad in a hundred. Maybe this is what happens when we move past beer and erectile disfunction commercials, but this kind of firestorm is asinine. He's not saying everyone should do it, he's not bashing people with aborted fetuses (like Sports Pickle talks about,) and he's not saying if it was right or wrong. Maybe I'll feel differently after I see the ad, but I doubt it.

One of the reasons Ali is considered such a great athelete was that he took a stand. Now, Tebow isn't Ali, and he'll never be the most recognizable figure in football, but I can't help but wonder if the reason he isn't being championed is because the majority of the media disagrees with his position. Charles Pierce, a friend of your site, claimed this was an "attempt to hijack the Super Bowl on behalf of anti-choice propaganda" on his blog. Isn't that at least a little harsh? You all could be at least a little more balanced, as well. But then again, what do I know? I'm just a twenty year old white guy from Tennessee.
I'm sorry to take up your time, and I hope that I didn't come off as bigoted or offensive, and I really do love the site. Keep up the good work.
God Bless,


* Tommy,

I just read your piece on the underlying message expected in the Tim Tebow / Focus On The Family Super Bowl spot. I'm a conservative southern Christian. I'm a former pro-choicer who's firmly in the pro-life camp now. I listen to Jim Dobson on Christian radio on a fairly regular basis and have read a couple of his books. I'm also a huge college football fan. All this to say, (and hold on to your hat here) I'm uncomfortable with what we all expect from this commercial for the same core reason you are. To use what ultimately happed in Tim's life after the Tebows chose life over abortion as a reason for others to make that choice sends a dangerous message. I imagine that you and I would differ on exactly why it is a dangerous message, but we agree that it is, in fact, dangerous.

I just thought you might get a kick out of hearing from someone of my profile who agrees with the core of your argument.



* I am a Rabbi and I agree with you 100%

I wrote almost the exact same thing you wrote on my blog.

Wondering what you think?

Tim Tebow's Pro-Life Superbowl Ad is Heartwarming and Reckless

Eliyahu Fink

* I haven't seen the ad (maybe I'll see it Sunday) but it seems to me that if a woman's doctor is recommending an abortion and she sees the Tebow commercial ‘recommending' that she not abort the fetus it's still her choice. What's wrong with pointing out that if a woman opts to keep her child, it may turn out to be someone like Tim Tebow?


* Tommy,

I did have to chuckle at a certain part of your article on Tebow. When my 14
year old son's index finger was torn off in a boat hoist, he was told that
it was not attachable. The blood vessels were stretched to the diameter of
the tip of a sharpened pencil.

Needless to say, that my son pleaded for the surgeon to at least try to
attach it. The surgeon agreed to give it a try, but would not promise
anything. The finger came out of surgery dark grey. It didn't look good. You
know what saved it? You got it! LEECHES. Six days of them. You see, often a
limb, deprived of blood flow, will reestablish new capillaries to deliver
blood to the limb, if you can give it enough time to do so without the limb
dying. The leeches would attach at the end of his finger and draw blood
through it so that the finger would get the oxygen it needed while the new
capillaries were forming. Sure enough, after six days, his finger no longer
needed the leeches and started healing on its own. By they way, the leeches
also would have told the doctors if the finger were dead. They won't feed on
dead skin.


And yes, this was done at KU Medical Center, not at home.

They are also using lab grown maggots to naturally debride the skin on burn

Aside from all of this, I don't know why everyone is so taken aback by the
Tebow ad. Are you afraid that someone will decide against having an
abortion? Isn't that the whole point of being pro-choice?


Best Regards,


The Not-So-Calm

* Keep to sports and stay out of the abortion debate.
every surgical abortion occurs on a human larger than this
(and this is from video taken 40 years ago, so don't act like we don't know)


* I'm sure you've heard this before, (probably quite a few times), but you're wrong. Big a big way. You sound simply mortified. I will pray for you.

I realize you're entitled to a misguided, inept, half-witted opinion, but you're wrong.

Have you not learned anything about what is right in life?

I guess not, because you're plain and simply wrong.

Have a nice day. Please don't hate.


* Dear Mr. Craggs: Have you ever stepped back and taken an honest, OBJECTIVE look at yourself? You call the Tebows "quacks" because they wish to air a message of their beliefs that happens to be against your own beliefs. So you want THAT ad not to be allowed to run, while you express your own views over and over and over. If the lack of freedom to express their beliefs applies to them, then why doesn't it apply to you?? What's good for the goose is good for the gander, isn't it? The last time I read the Constitution - which is recently and often, because I teach constitutional law - the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech AND freedom of religion. You have the right under our great Constitution to believe anything you want and to preach it to your heart's content. But you don't want anyone who disagrees with you to have the same rights. Fortunately, our Constitution gives EVERYONE those rights. Grow up, Mr. Craggs, and become an American, the great land with a place for everyone who wants to subscribe to the freedoms - AND responsibilities - we offer. Disagree with anyone and everyone you please - but PLEASE, accord others the same rights you want and expect for yourself.


* Sounds like "Dead"-Spin is the correct name for your article. You anti-child pro-aborts are so predictable: you can't take it when a true-story puts a plug in for the ProLife-movement. For someone who considers himself pro-choice and pro-woman, you sure do have a low opinion of their collective intelligence. You think that women with high-risk pregnancies are going to die by the truck-loads just because they saw this story air during the Super Bowl? Women are smart enough to weigh the risks to their own health and safety when complications during pregnancy arise, no matter what media they have been viewing.

I didn't see you object to any 9/11 coverage of the firefighters who put their lives on the line to rescue people, so why are you so upset about the coverage of a woman who loved her son enough to risk her own life so that he might have a chance to live? There is nothing more or less heroic about one than the other. Why shouldn't she have taken the risk, and why can't we celebrate this victory for life and share it with others? You are correct, not every high-risk pregnancy turns out this happily, but what's wrong with taking a shot at saving both lives? Or are you afraid that once people start seeing that a baby's life is a very precious thing they will stop killing off their kids? Or is it because you're a guy and you don't want any of your one-night stands kicking you in the wallet for child-support?

* I just read your thoughts on Tim Tebow and his mom choice to

continue her pregnancy. I think she should be praised and not

admonished. Also, it should be none of you business if she wants

to be part of an ad that cost you nothing.

Buy you own ad and tells us why she made a mistake on this Super

Bowl or next.

* Sir, I don't know who you are or where you received your formation as a human being, but you way off base in your criticism of the focus on the Family ad. If your pro-choice stance is true and just why be afraid of a mother giving testimony to the birth of her son.


It 's true that people have always done abortions and that didn't really change until Christianity came into existence - it has to do with the absolute value of every human life, even yours. It is not cool to kill unborn children and it is unbelievably twisted that it is portrayed as a worse thing to shoot a partial birth abortion hack( which is still wrong) than what the guy did for a living. Do you have the honesty and guts to even consider the realities involved here. I hope so. Do you realize most of the concern for others, the environment, the development of education and science as we know it, our legal system and many freedoms would not exist without Christianity. Please read What's so great about Christianity by D'nesh Dsouza,minds are like parachutes... that works all ways. There is an objective truth and maybe you can find that out before it is too late. I'll say a prayer for you at Mass tomorrow morning.

* It's hard to believe this of you, but you REALLY ARE REALLY SCARED, aren't you? Scared of facts, from which viewers can draw their own conclusions. "Dangerous" you call the Tebow ad. There is definitely cravenness going on here, but not in the CBS camp. In yours. Arising probably from panic that the tide of public opinion has turned, and today more Americans oppose abortion than support it. What caused that? Facts. The ones that have turned you craven.


* My mother taught me to be kind to people with physical limitations, and because you are blind, I will be nice. Here's the real 'inconvenient truth': Life begins at conception, everything necessary for human life is present at conception and therefore a human being is present at conception. Using scientific terminology for the various stages of development doesn't negate the fact a human being is developing inside the mother's womb. I pray you will have an earth-shattering event that cures your blindness and opens your eyes to the real 'inconvenient truth.' May God help you. Steve


The Irate


* Yikes....What a low-IQ, left-wing JERKOFF you are !!!! Did you ever graduate from Ding Dong School ???


Fred Fittin

* Dear Mr. Craggs:

Notwithstanding the Senior Editor nameplate, I'm guessing Deadspin will have to cut you loose after your ignorant Tim Tebow diatribe – you should have stuck to actual sports, I suppose. Good luck!


Just for fun, try to let this bit of thought creep into your closed mind:

Does a non-famous sports blogger and his buddies have any business telling a national Internet audience, in crippled language or otherwise, that we should ignore the prerogatives of individuals to make their own choices and suffer or enjoy whatever the consequences may be?

I realize that's not a very "progressive" thought, since you and your toy stethoscope microphone know best for all of us, but do try to think outside your box a bit, and see the wider world.




* Dear Mr. Cragg,

You are a pathetic excuse for a man. You ought to be ashamed of yourself for the abhorrent spin that you've put on the CBS Tim Tebow commercial to air Super Bowl Sunday. Isn't it wonderful to live in these United States of America where we can exercise our 1st Amendment rights? Enjoy, because it may not be a freedom in the very near future. You pro death folks just as the prolife are guaranteed one thing I can assure you. You will meet God face to face, like it or not believe it or not and He'll question you & ask why you did not defend His most precious gifts to mankind ;i.e., unborn babies. They are the VICTIMS of some who choose to murder them. The 5th commandment is Thou Shall Not Kill. To ignore the facts does not change the facts. Even the most liberal/radical scientists have come out & said "life begins at conception." I hope and pray for you and the like that you soon have a conversion so as to save your own soul from damnation. God have mercy on America because like Pope John Paul II said "A nation that destroys its own children is a nation without hope." Enjoy Tim Tebow's message. Learn from his God given talents, courage and fortitude. It's a wonderful opportunity for pro death people to ponder his mother's great decision to choose life.



* SUBJECT: Biggest Fuc*ing Jerk who has a Website

That's You !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the ad hasn't even aired yet. Come Monday, I presume the online discourse will get more lively, with even more counter-strikes and loud-talking about it, hopefully from magna cum laude graduates of Ding Dong School .


Regardless of how you feel about Focus On The Family, they're clearly marketing geniuses.