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The Top 22 Athlete Nicknames Of All Time

The Deadspin staff has determined the funniest, most creative, and most memorable pro athlete nicknames of all time. The list:

22) Mario "Lungfish" Chalmers
21) Ivan "The Adequate" Nova
20) Melky Cabrera, Vampire Hunter
19) Scott "Riggsy" Clemmensen
18) Jason "Trust Fall" Terry
17) Big Viscous Nikola Pekovic
16) Ben "Beefaroni" Roethlisberger
15) Marco Scutaro, MFA
14) Derek "Polka Dot" Fisher
13) Landon "Butterfingers" Donovan
11) [tied] Mark "Affidavit" Trumbo
11) [tied] Yovani "Kiss My Grits And Call Me Sally" Gallardo
10) "Mean" Chipper Jones
9) The Ivorian Hammer
8) Manu "Donkey Kong" Ginobili
7) "Lonesome" Al Harrington
6) "The Stenographer" Joe Johnson
5) Udonis "Full Nelson" Haslem
4) Richard "1080p" Hamilton
3) Jose "Ceiling Fan" Contreras
2) Marshawn "Gopher Butt" Lynch
1) Donnie Basketball


What are some of your favorite athlete nicknames?

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