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The Tough Life Of A Backup Lineman For The Lions

You know what the problem with flight attendants are? You don't? Well, WE'LL TELL YA.

It's that they just won't leave NFL backup defensive tackles alone. Detroit Lions tackle Tyoka Jackson is being sued by a male flight attendant for shoving him halfway across the plane a couple of years ago.

After flight attendant Gary Rihn repeatedly asked Jackson to stow his carry-on bag, Jackson shoved Rihn so hard that he was knocked across the aisle and landed, feet in the air, against another passenger, according to a Federal Aviation Administration letter that proposed a $20,500 fine for Jackson.

"Obviously, the lawsuit's being filed because it's Tyoka Jackson ... not John Q. Public," Jackson's lawyer Tom Magee said.


It's true: We're so tired of people trying to use Tyoka Jackson's worldwide celebrity like he's some sort of ATM. Shocking that the male flight attendant was so easily made airborne, however.

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