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The Truly Important Pick Of The Game

In case you were wondering when it all went wrong for the Patriots yesterday, when it all began to collapse, when the wave crested and receded ... you can take a look at this moment, with 7:18 left in the first half and the Patriots cruising to a 21-3 lead.

All is well, all is cooking, Manning is rattled, the defense is teeing off ... and then the camera catches Robert Kraft, CEO and chairman of the New England Patriots, digging deep for some buried treasure.


That's right: It was the Cursed Nose Pick Of Doom! After this, everything collapsed. Good job, Kraft; next time, maybe you'll consider finding a tissue, considering you're a billionaire and all.

(When our father sees someone he works with clandestinely picking their nose, he yells, "Hey, Bob, pick me out a Cadillac!" We've never quite understood what this means, but it has nevertheless always made us laugh.")

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