The Twins Joined The "Humiliating Rookie Costume" Parade

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September call-ups are probably the best thing about the waning days of the MLB season, whether you're a contender or a basement dweller. It's all thanks to the time-honored tradition of humiliating the rookies.

Witness Jeff Manship and Drew Butera. Rookies. Two peas in a pod. A duo even. Ambiguously gay? Who knows. Is it funny for one of SNL's best sketches—miss you, Smigel—to have been turned into a costume so that baseball players could make gay jokes? No. Is it funny to see two guys dressed as the Ambiguously Gay Duo? Of course. Those were great sketches—Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell did the voices of Ace and Gary, respectively. Anything that makes me remember them is going to get a chuckle or two.

Bonding like this between rookies and veterans is the kinda stuff Bob Costas would melt down on an old spoon and inject directly into his main vein, were such a thing possible.


Be thankful Jeff and Drew, you could have met Logan Morrison's fate.


Rookie Dress Up Day [On The Road With Pat Neshek]


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