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The Twitter Flameout Of Harvey Updyke, Alleged Tree Poisoner

SB Nation discovered ol' Harvey on Twitter on Friday. By Saturday, he had called it a Twitter career.

He wrote, "Was advised by legal team..attorneys Glennon Threatt & Everett Wess to stop twitting. go to bbupdyke my son Bears account follow him." Had he stuck around, he could have battled Jose Canseco for saddest Twitter ever. Alas.


But Updyke gave us some Updike-ian tweets along the way:

I hope they do not charge me with master-minding the 9/11 attack

I will have surgery on my neck after I find out when Im going to trial

I know I will not get a fair trial in Lee co. Hell I will not get a fair in alabama

Alabama softball going back to Oklahoma City for the Womens college softball world series GO BAMA......ROLL DAMN TIDE

Had my mylogram today. I have a very bad headache and a sore back. Dr. stuck a large needle in my spine.

Updyke also says he spent plenty of time with ESPN's Martin Khodabakhshian, who said he was producing a 'Bama-Auburn rivalry documentary that would air on ESPN in November. I hate to break it to you, Harvey, but the internet indicates Khodabakhshian is a senior producer for E:60. Ouch.

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