The class of 2021 is shaping up to be a big one, according to recruiting site Rivals. There are already two sixth-grade football prospects with profiles. Meanwhile, the class of 2020 has no one. Those seventh-graders are going to be huge duds.

We have 5-foot-2 pro-style quarterback Daron Bryden, whose name indicates that he is definitely from Connecticut:

Pros: Accurate, stays light on his feet in the pocket. Cons: Has a well-documented Capri-Sun problem, will get distracted on the field if a defender yells "Poo-poo" or "pee-pee."

There's also running back Tyson Thornton, a 5-foot-11 170-pound sixth-grader:


At first, I thought his height and weight might be a typo, but no. This kid exists. Let's circle back in three years, when these kids are in high school.