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The U.S. Olympic Uniforms Are Socialist Propaganda, According To Pro-American Internet Commenters

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Welcome to another installment of the Fox Nation commenter essays. Please prepare yourself for lots of caps lock.

Yesterday, Ralph Lauren unveiled the design for the U.S. Olympic Team's uniforms for the opening and closing ceremonies. They include berets. Fox Nation re-posted a New York Post story and gave it the headline "What Happened to Cowboy Hats? US Olympic Athletes Told to Wear Berets!" Here's what the commenters had to say about the outfits. Everything sic'd, and with few exceptions, every new sentence is a new comment:

Hey Olympians! Are you off to your yachting? They look more European than American! But hey Obama loves those European Socialists! US is supposed to be iconically different from Europe, but these look as if our athletes are ready to goose step. Berets make American's look like French cheese eating surrender monkeys. This government is taking us closer to Europe every single day. Obama HATES Texas and anything associated with the REAL West.


The continued demeaning of all things American. The global socialists will not rest until we all become irrelevant. The socialist Chavez always wore a beret. I always associate berets with good ol' Che. It is not surprising that those representing the United States are now seen wearing Che Guevara headgear. Wait until obama changes the emblem to a red star, by executive order. Why not go away, and take your elitist socialism with you?

Absolutely no interest in the olympics.... they have become a 'global' agenda.

Mchele must of had fun designing the uniforms with RL and since she will represent us I imagine she had a fun hand with it. They just as well something really big and ugly like the hats Bella Abzug used to wear. Perhaps, having rainbow colored outfits was considered too expensive, even if it would have delighted obama's LGBT voting faction. Gotta love a metro sexual US Olympic team.......NOT. Well at least they got to save money by not needing any zippers..............seeing as the men already look castrated.....

No Burqas??????

I think the berets look too UNish. They are also ambassadors for our country not mannequins for Odumbos civilian army. The Kenyan National Guard under obummer. Looks like new world order...marching for the obammie camp. Next they will be wearing Obama ears. more CHANGE..ain't it grand?


They look very nice for Frenchmen/women , but you wouldn't know they were Americans would you? Sad. And why Ralph Lauren for heavens sake? We darn sure don't want Michelle Antoinette's clothier dressing them. And guess what? ALLLLL of the stuff is made in CHINAAAAA! Do we not have ANY companies in the United States of America that can make the clothing for OUR athletes???

Haven't seen any 'uniforms'...on the horses in the olympics....a few flowers in their mane would look good.....!!


I feel our olympians should be wearing cowboy hats...always and forever; something no other nation on earth has the right to wear. If I was an Olympic Athlete representing the USA, I would tell them to go f__k themselves and wear a 10 Gallon hat if I wanted too. If the American athletes were going to stand by America - they'd smuggle the cowboy hats in under their blazers and put them on as they were marching in the opening ceremony. Berets are European ... cowboy hats all American ... SHAME on the committee that picked these!! They must not want reminders, Cowboy movies are about the bad Guys coming to town ,robbing the Bank ,stealing the Land through taxes,andTerr or izing the populace with an out of control Sheriff. Kind of sounds like our Govt !!!

Strap an M16 on the athletes and maybe the berets wouldn't be too bad.

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